IMG_2882I won’t give today a Build Day number as there was no-one here but me. I put on my painter’s cap and got to work.


IMG_2887I gave the breakfast room ceiling a second coat. I’m using a trade paint from Dulux for the ceilings – it’s very thick and goes on like butter – beautiful.

IMG_2862I painted the soffit of the servants’ staircase white to match the ceiling and make it stand out from the wall colour as a feature.

IMG_2863Not as sure what to do with this. There is a small steel beam boxed into this part of the ceiling that holds up the chimney in the room above. This is where the servants’ toilet used to be. I couldn’t decide whether to paint it white like the ceiling or the same colour as the walls. I have decided to paint it the same colour as the walls so that it doesn’t stand out. I can always change it later if it looks odd.

IMG_2858I have also changed my mind on the colour of the breakfast room. The brighter yellow, Dayroom Yellow, is now appealing to me particularly after I gave the test patch a second coat, taking away some of the fluorescence that was coming through from the white underneath. The darker yellow, Hay, has dried quite brown, whereas I wanted a definite yellow in that room. I know that Homer chose this colour, and once I announced the decision to Mark he came out in favour of it too, as did Pam.

IMG_2883In the kitchen I began cutting in the wall colour, Farrow and Ball’s ‘Ball Green’. When Mark came home he helpfully suggested that I had missed the middle bits.

IMG_2885I think the green goes very well with the quarry tile floor.



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