Build Day #48

IMG_2890A mostly plumbing day.


The main bathroom got its first fix. Future bath. There is not going to be a shower in this bathroom but the bath will have one of those extendable shower hoses eg. for washing dogs, or children, not that we have either of those. It will be a nice big bath. The house will still have two showers  – one in the en suite and one in the guest bathroom.

IMG_2891Future towel radiator on the left and basin on the right.

IMG_2896In the kitchen I applied the first coat of the top coat to the walls. Looking good.


It’s covered so well I might only need to patch a few areas after the kitchen is installed. The photos from my iPad Mini don’t do the colour justice:  Farrow and Ball’s ‘Ball Green’.

IMG_2921The afternoon exploration.

10340139_261851464017992_2240922406219393647_nSame room, same trio, eight months ago just after we moved in.

IMG_2944Ruby on a mission to sniff out new smells.

IMG_2905Rosie insisting on her close up.

IMG_2898Oliver being scared of his own shadow. He has been very wary of his environment for a couple of weeks now, even when upstairs. I’m sure it must be difficult with all the change going on but we think Ruby has been telling him scary stories about monsters hiding under the furniture. I have ordered a Feliway diffuser – I’ve never tried it before – so we will see if that helps calm him down. It’s only just started happening, so it’s not just the build going on that’s spooked him. I think there was a time a few weeks back when men were working on the ceiling on the second floor and Oliver though there was something in the floor below him. Perhaps he thinks that all the men sleep here at night and are hiding…complex thoughts and emotions for such a simple boy. As the boy cat and at the top of their little hierarchy I guess he has a lot more to lose than his sisters.

IMG_2910He soon gets over it though. He loves this bare expanse of wall. He goes mad for it.

IMG_2912I can just imagine when it’s painted – it will be covered in scratch marks.

IMG_2926Rosie needing another close up.



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