Build Day #50

Wow – fifty days of work have now been completed on the house – ten working weeks! So much has happened in a short time that it’s only when I look back at blog posts or photos from just a few weeks ago that I see how much has been accomplished.

IMG_2962My first lesson for the day – chippies (that’s trade talk for carpenters) make a lot of mess and don’t clean up after themselves. [By the way, electricians are called sparkies].

IMG_2960They have made a nice frame for the bath to sit in.

IMG_2959The toilet and bathroom got their marine ply floors, ready for tiling.


IMG_2957And we have our first new window sill!

IMG_0838It is the sill on the small window that used to be in the cold store pantry, now part of the breakfast room. I am loving that I can start to do before and after pics (well, before and during).

IMG_2953P the plumber was here again today. This is the new copper pipe that will connect the house to the mains water. Our temporary pipe is the bendy plastic one.

IMG_2963We also have a shower base! P and I had quite a time deciding on what the best place for the waste pipe would be.

IMG_2958Chippies’ lunchtime reading. ‘Ferreting then and now’ – I wonder what has changed?

IMG_2955More chippie mess. I am glad I covered the unsealed quarry tile floors with dust sheets yesterday – no-one else would have!

IMG_2951The painters were also here. They have made it to the ground floor windows. They are burning and stripping the paint.

IMG_2950Right back to bare wood.

IMG_2954The restored radiator from the entry hall got its first coat of the metallic paint called Old Penny Bronze. It just looks brown in the photos but trust me, it looks better in real life.








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