Build Day #51

IMG_2968I haven’t seen all three cats on the window sill together for a long time, so perhaps the Feliway diffuser (calming synthetic cat pheromones) is having an effect already.

IMG_2970Ruby discovered this shoebox was a good place to sleep so of course Oliver has to try to shoehorn himself in.

IMG_2980More of the Feliway love-fest? Having said that, Oliver and Ruby had a fur-flying set-to shortly after I took this photo.

IMG_2995The painters continued on the exterior. With all the old paint stripped off the the window profiles look so much sharper and more defined.

IMG_2983The carpenters were here too. They laid the marine ply in the wet areas and gave it a PVC sealant coat. Ready for tiling now.

IMG_2984Same in the toilet.

IMG_2985And bathroom.

IMG_2988Window frames were also being constructed.

IMG_2989P the plumber was doing various work today – hanging radiators, running new pipework and doing the first fix of the kitchen. The kitchen will be delivered soon and will be fitted next week.



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