Build Day #52

IMG_2998Today (well, yesterday but let’s pretend I posted this on time) P the plumber was here finishing off the first fix. One of his jobs today was to refill the heating system and check for leaks. He had joked yesterday that this could be day all the nice new ceilings could come down in torrents if there was a breach in the system.

IMG_2997He had joked too soon as there was a leak! Luckily it was a very small leak from a old pipe joint.

IMG_3004It was one of these elbow joints in the floor above. We drained the top floor of the system and then P replaced the faulty joint. I only hope there isn’t other old pipework with weak solders!

IMG_3013The cast iron radiator has been re-hung and is ready for painting.

IMG_3012These are the fancy new valves.

IMG_3006The carpenters were here continuing to frame the new windows.

IMG_3008New skirting boards as well. At the end of the day they showed me how they has cleaned and tidied up – perhaps their ears were burning from my earlier post! Oliver will no longer return from his adventures downstairs covered in sawdust.

IMG_3010The biggest story of the day – the kitchen arrived! Cabinets.

IMG_2999Doors and other bits. Kitchen fitting begins Monday! It will be a major milestone.

Also next week we will have tiles delivered and tilers arriving, roofers, window fitters, electricians, new electricity and gas meters, delivery of kitchen appliances including, hopefully, the range cooker and, definitely, the number one item we have missed over the last ten months – a dishwasher!


2 thoughts on “Build Day #52

  1. When our dishwasher broke down, I found it quite a novelty to wash dishes, for two days. The third, this is such a waste of my time.

    Day 52, nearly two months, yet the time seems to have gone very quickly, perhaps not for you.

    Just to confirm (I didn’t ask in England, in case they thought I was stupid), you can regulate the heating to a room by turning the tap down or off?

  2. We only use plastic tumblers and wine ‘glasses’ now as we systematically broke all of the glass ones during hand washing. And yes, they are thermostatic valves that turn the heat up or down. Plus I think we are getting zones on the system but can’t quite remember for sure.

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