Build Day #53

IMG_3027Oliver continues to be a bit stressed. His stress behaviours include hiding (he’s found a nice little dark corner in the bedroom), hyper-vigilance (thinking there are monsters under everything and trying to sniff them out) and an exaggerated startle response (the cartoon-like leap off the floor at the slightest disturbance). The behaviors come and go during the day with no particular triggers. He is also more than happy to explore the house at the end of the day and even to stay in view when JB comes in unannounced, so he’s not exactly a quivering wreck. I am hoping that the Feliway will help to calm him.

IMG_3047He is still willing to explore new vantage points, such as this one with his sister in the kitchen as the new cabinets are installed.

IMG_3030The kitchen is starting to take shape.

IMG_3042Ruby inspecting the units.

IMG_3043Curious tail.

IMG_3031Rosie sniffing about.

IMG_3033The dishwasher!

IMG_3046Beehive kitchen cupboard handles.

IMG_3029The main problem for the kitchen installers is that there is no even surface – the floor and all the walls are out of line.

IMG_3023The bathroom, toilet and en suite tiles arrived today. I am glad D was on hand as the pallet weighed 625 kilograms and the tiles needed to be moved from the footpath to the first floor bedroom.

IMG_3022More tiles.

IMG_3014The new plaster in the en suite was cracking so the walls had to be recoated in the lurid aqua base gel.

IMG_3015The original coat was too thin, which meant that the moisture of the new plaster was sucked into the lime plaster underneath.

IMG_3020Today the walls were recoated. Extra thick.

IMG_3021The plasterers will try again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Build Day #53

  1. oh and you think those unit installers haven’t had ‘uneven’ in historic houses before?
    Sympathy on the plaster being difficult, imagine what Michelangelo went through (plaster always makes me think of him).
    Oliver is just being a boy patriarch of the puss posse protection unit.

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