Build Day #55


IMG_3131The kitchen is coming along well.

IMG_3114The cavity for the fridge has been formed and you can see that there is a pleasingly large cupboard above the fridge. To the right is the small cavity for the microwave and some space for wine bottles.

IMG_3112I really like the little windows on the cupboard doors.

IMG_3109The range cooker arrived today!

IMG_3128Still hoping it will fit in this spot here.

IMG_3110On the opposite wall the pantry/dresser is taking shape.

IMG_3125Originally the plan was to have it built up against the wall on the left but that wall was so out of line there would have been a big gap at the top. We opted to have it centred and I think it will look much better. It also means the detailing that is going to be added eg. the cornice work at the top will go right around the piece rather than abut the wall. It will look like a freestanding piece but will actually be built in.

IMG_3111On the window wall will be the kitchen sink and the dishwasher.

IMG_3133Oliver chasing a fly in the yet to be ripped out 1950s downstairs toilet with the two windows to the front of the house. This room will be a coat and shoe room as it is next to the front door. Back in the day you would have been able to have a conversation with the neighbours or the postman whilst answering the call of nature. Delightful.

IMG_3086The tilers were here and they have laid the en suite floor. Looking good. I am pleased that, with the marine ply underneath and then the tiles, the floor is almost level with the slimline shower tray giving the impression of a walk-in shower.

IMG_3138Oliver inspecting the new bathroom floor tiles. He misses a bath as he used to have play time splashing and drinking water from the bath tap.


He is going to love the tap I have bought him for this bath – it has a waterfall action and separate spray nozzle.

IMG_3092Very happy with this.

IMG_3136Toilet floor in the same tiles as the bathroom next door.

IMG_3119The loose pipe fell out of the toilet waste pipe hole in the wall. I had visions of the cats taking a walk on the scaffold outside so I had to find a way to block the hole but not walk on the setting tiles.

IMG_3122In the end I threw a dust sheet into the room and used a broom handle to stuff the sheet into the hole.

IMG_3122Only two minor problems. The first is that we have run out of the feature stripey tile and need a few more for the bathroom sink splashback. The second is that the splashback in the toilet has ended up too big. When the towel radiator is fitted it is going to encroach on the splashback tiles in an odd way (you can see the left hand pipe of the future radiator just below the tiles). I think the tiles are going to have to come down and be redone just one tile wide rather than two. The tilers already had a problem as that is quite a wonky wall in the first place so I hope it doesn’t cause too many problems.








4 thoughts on “Build Day #55

  1. Top points for that dust-sheet and broom solution to cat-exit.
    I guess the street-wall cistern was for ease of digging as it would have been installed after initial build, probably after WW2.
    LOVE that the cabinet doors echo the house doors. Paint on gold letter slots.

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