Build Day #56

IMG_3139Wall tiles went up in the en suite. I love the waves.


IMG_3141Recesses with the black mosaic tiles.

IMG_3144In the bathroom the floor and wall tiles were grouted.

IMG_3143As too was the toilet floor.

IMG_3147The construction of the kitchen continued. Cavity for the dishwasher.

IMG_3146The pantry/dresser unit is coming together. All the doors with little windows were taken away to be glazed.

IMG_3151And finally, after three weeks of darkness and no ventilation upstairs, our top floor windows arrived! Future guest room. There were some vertical glazing bars missing on the left and right, which will be added tomorrow. The window also needs to be sealed (note the big gap at the top) and framed. Ruby has already tried to escape through the new casements…

IMG_3149And new top floor bathroom window! I did the obscure glazing myself with an adhesive film. I could have got the window fully obscured by the manufacturer but I wanted to still have the view of treetops and chimneys through the top half of the window. Plus you see great sunsets from this vantage point.

IMG_3150Another big gap that will require filling.


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