Build Day #57

IMG_3177Oliver by the range cooker, which is sitting in the middle of the entrance hall.

IMG_3171The kitchen build continued. Rosie getting comfortable.

IMG_3169Chippie’s lunchtime reading – slightly more highbrow than the plasterer’s.

IMG_3155The dresser/pantry unit.


It has a cornice at the top now.

IMG_3158And…drum roll please…


IMG_3159I really like the beehive handles.


IMG_3161A, the chippy, discovered a problem at 5:30pm Friday  – the sink wouldn’t fit in the cabinet as the cupboard door hinges were getting in the way. He had been working all week so that the granite company could come and ‘template’ the granite but this means that we have had to postpone. I am glad actually, as now that I look at the sink in position, I feel it’s far too big. I am going to go for the 1.5 basin option instead of the full double.

IMG_3173Sneak peek at the range cooker…oh my.

IMG_3170D, the other chippy, was completing various carpentry tasks around the house. The little door to the under servant stairs cupboard had to be cut down to fit the smaller opening.

IMG_3164Look at how fresh the wood is in the 110 year old door. I am tempted to get the doors stripped.

IMG_3152Upstairs the tilers finished grouting the en suite. I had better get painting!



2 thoughts on “Build Day #57

  1. Comiseration on the hinges hiccup. and with all your previous experience too! We’ve all been there. Now measure the range width and it’s receiving space again. With the cupboard doors open too.
    Yes the beehive handles are The Biz.
    Apparently it is 26 degrees there – one of my UK Twitter pals was calling it ‘heatwave’ and I smirked. Good to see Happy cats with lots of play space.

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