Build Day #58

IMG_3190Today my job was to give the en suite ceiling two top coats. Looking good.

IMG_3201The electricians were here wiring the heating system.

IMG_3196They also installed a couple of lights where I have finished painting ceilings. The kitchen (shade yet to be fitted).

IMG_3197Breakfast room.

IMG_3198Kitchen work continued.

IMG_3193Drawer fronts and handles.

IMG_3192Microwave installed.

IMG_3194Cupboard fronts.

IMG_3203Smaller sink. Much better.

IMG_3209Ruby inspects the drawers.

IMG_3211Ruby explores the drawers.

IMG_3195Drawers and cupboards on the dresser unit. All of the glazed doors are yet to be delivered.

IMG_3204The 110 year old Edwardian quarry tiled floor that was stripped and meant to be protected until it’s sealed.

IMG_3205Very sad.


4 thoughts on “Build Day #58

  1. We’ve been watching your quarry tile restoration with interest as we’re currently stripping a quarry floor in our edwardian house of 70s ceramic tiles- very slowly!
    What a shame about that broken one. it should be easy enough to just cut it out and replace. We’ve got spare 6×6 ones if you need one.

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