Build Days #59 and #60

Tuesday was a quiet day with no building activity.

On Wednesday the granite was installed in the kitchen! Before you look at the photos I need to tell you that last week I changed my mind on the choice of granite. As you might recall,  I was originally going to get the Black Cosmic in the leather (matt) finish. I decided, however, that the kitchen needed something lighter with a gloss finish to make the most of the light that comes into the room.

IMG_3220I decided to go with the Kashmir Lime and I am so glad that I did.


The colour goes perfectly with the walls and cabinets and the greens complement the red of the quarry tile floor. There are even little red oxide hints in the granite.

IMG_3216Dresser unit for colour comparison.

IMG_3225New smaller sinks.


Today JB was here doing some patching and plastering.


He also checked out a water stain on the ceiling of the breakfast room – a bit hard to see in the photo. Apparently there was some spillage from old pipes when the new heating was installed, hence the stain. The good news is that there is no longer a leak and all I need to do is repaint this section of the the ceiling.


My job was to continue the en suite preparation for painting of the walls and timber work.


I have decided that I do not like stripping paint.


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