Build Day #61

IMG_3241I began the day by going through the floorboards. Not an auspicious start! I was holding a full mug of tea at the time but managed to hold on to most of it.

IMG_3242When I first opened this tin of paint for the en suite it was a lurid fluorescent pinkish-purple and I panicked for a moment. After stirring it though, it turned the colour I was expecting. It is Farrow and Ball’s ‘Pelt’, a deep aubergine colour. It’s an Australian custom to stir paint with a wooden spoon (trust me!).

IMG_3243After the first coat it was clear that I would need to do a second one to gain full coverage. I had four hours to kill. Luckily it was a hot day (28 degrees) so the paint dried a little quicker than expected.

IMG_3258Meanwhile I began stripping the window sill of the main bathroom. At some point in the past all the woodwork was painted a light sage green. Let me repeat what I said yesterday – I do not like stripping paint. Plus there are so many layers of lead paint that I will probably end up with Painter’s Colic.

IMG_3251The cupboard doors have returned from their trip to the glazier and they now have glass in their little windows. Those square windows make me very happy – they must remind me of Play School. They need some handles next.

IMG_3252One day all of the various missing parts of the kitchen will arrive. It’s a very nice kitchen and I have a very nice kitchen supplier but there have already been about nine separate deliveries of components and we still don’t have everything we need. Oh well – at least that gave me the chance to change my mind on the size of the kitchen sink.

IMG_3255The ceiling roses were delivered today.

IMG_3254Rosie inspects the outer rings.

IMG_3259The second coat in the en suite went on like a dream and was very quick to do. It looks a warmer colour in this picture because of the afternoon light.

IMG_3250The cats stay in the flat on the top floor when I am painting. I can just imagine what they would do if they saw paint in those trays.


3 thoughts on “Build Day #61

  1. I always use an old 30cm school ruler to stir paint – it ensures that my edges are always straight. My Dad told me that 🙂

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