Today I removed the paper and masking from the en suite and did a few touch-ups. No doubt it will get messed up a bit during the fitting of the sanitary ware but I am happy for the moment and can do some minor repairs at the end. There is still a large hole to be bored into the wall where the extractor fan is going, so I anticipate more mess.

IMG_3276Shower. The paint edges are (fairly) straight but they look wavy in this picture because of the reflections on the chrome trim.

IMG_3274Until a few days ago when they were laid Mark didn’t realise the wavy tiles actually had a 3D surface. Those are real shadows on the tiles, not a printed pattern.

IMG_3283Rosie enjoying the cool floor. It continues to be very warm here.

IMG_3287Ruby planning an escape.

IMG_3280I haven’t painted the white on the windows, doors or trim. I did some stripping and sanding though so they are almost ready to go. I have read that you are meant to do the trim first but I didn’t have time – I really wanted the ceilings and walls painted before the en suite was fitted and I figured I could paint the windows later when I have the right equipment and have studied more YouTube videos on the correct technique.

IMG_3279One day soon I have a feeling that an entire room might actually be complete!

IMG_3278Rosie inspecting the shower tray.


Things still to be done in the en suite:

  • Fitting of cabinets
  • Fitting of sanitary ware, basins and taps
  • Installation of shower screen, riser and taps
  • Fitting of mirrored cabinets
  • Fitting of radiator and heated towel rail
  • Painting of windows and trim
  • Fitting of spot lights and wall lights
  • Fitting of extractor fan
  • Installation of window film on glazing for privacy
  • Fitting of accessories such as a hand towel hook and toilet roll dispenser

And that’s it – a list with an actual end! At that point I can shop for new towels. I guess our dark grey towels will go with the scheme but the navy blue ones won’t do at all. Plus the grey ones have some bleach spots on  them…




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