Build Day #62

IMG_3289We decided that the walls in the toilet and bathroom needed complete replastering, so D spent the day stripping wallpaper.

IMG_3302There must have been a spill at some point.

IMG_3301Below, in the kitchen, another of my freshly painted ceilings with water stains…

IMG_3291The bathroom being stripped as well.

IMG_3292Attack of the expanding foam in the rear first floor landing.

IMG_3299Carpenters were here as well. More skirtings were fitted in the breakfast room. There was also carpentry work going on outside on the top floor dormer windows but I couldn’t see exactly what was happening because the scaffold obstructs the view.

IMG_3296The garden continues to become a jungle.

IMG_3297There is a fast growing creeper in this corner with white, trumpet shaped flowers.

IMG_3295Vigorous blackberry primocanes colonising the ‘lawn’.




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