Build Day #63

IMG_3311Water stains continue on my newly painted kitchen ceiling. Even I know to sit the wallpaper steamer in a bucket when you put it down! The problem is that there’s not just staining but also some bulging on the joints. Frustrating.

IMG_3312Dusty handprint on the en suite wall (thanks JB!). I brace myself for worse to come…the hole for the extractor fan will be bored through tomorrow.

IMG_3315Wallpaper stripping continued in the toilet and bathroom. I touched this section of wall and it fell away. Oops. The plaster has broken away from the lath as you can see.

IMG_3304Oliver and Ruby first thing this morning – two peas in a pod. They had finished chasing their bumble bee (extraordinarily large and noisy – I released it back out the window) and were then watching as D the carpenter scaled the scaffold.

IMG_3313Plaster patching in the bathroom.

IMG_3322More skirtings in the breakfast room – these ones in the under servant stairs cupboard.

IMG_3310Exterior view. If you look carefully you will see P the painter standing on the scaffold to the left of the top dormer window. I was checking whether I wanted the top of the dormer painted black or white. I chose black.




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