Build Day #64

IMG_3334Bored hole for kitchen extractor fan.

IMG_3326Bored hole for en suite extractor fan.

IMG_3338Bored hole for bathroom extractor fan.

IMG_3325Pieces of bored brick. Jokes welcome.

IMG_3329Cat and human obstacle course at the end of the day.IMG_3336The floor in Mark’s study has been repaired.

IMG_3337The floorboards in this room and the dining room are going to be stripped and polished next week.

IMG_3328Repaired toilet window architrave using reclaimed wood from elsewhere in the house.

IMG_3331The under servant stairs cupboard has its resized door attached. All the carpentry in the kitchen and breakfast room is now done.

IMG_3330The tradesman’s entrance external door begins its transformation into an internal door. Three shiny new hinges.


Some external painting was also completed today but it’s hard to make out in the photo. You’ll have to trust me.




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