Build Day #67

IMG_3507The kitchen is coming along nicely. I am particularly happy about the mantel above the cooker.

IMG_3509Ruby is already inside that cupboard and Oliver is following her. Clearly there is something fascinating in there.

IMG_3497First floor hallway. Just to remember the chaos.

IMG_3499D the floor guy was here today. The dining room has been stripped and sanded and has one of the three coats of sealant it is getting. It has made the room so much brighter.

IMG_3504The pine boards are in such great condition underneath all that wax and varnish. They smell beautiful too.


Just gorgeous – and this is after only one coat. They look a bit raw at the moment but they will also mellow with time.

IMG_3501Makes the rest of the room look shabby now! We are, however, getting very close to the point in the renovation where all our remaining jobs will just be cosmetic.

IMG_3493Mark’s study has been partially sanded but not coated yet.

IMG_3496Can you start to imagine now how it is going to all look?




2 thoughts on “Build Day #67

  1. Mantel is a masterstroke and I am floored by the floor. Renovations usually detract from the design integrity of a house, but yours have enhanced the 1910 style.

    There are 2 kinds of people: those who have survived sanding and coating floors while living in the house, and those who have No Idea of the effort required.
    9 and a half weeks. Coming down the home straight now. 🙂

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