Build Day #68

IMG_3524We are almost there with the kitchen. The dresser unit is complete.

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 1.08.59 PM copy

The original Edwardian kitchen would have had a dresser against this wall and the previous owner had one too as you can see, so it continues the tradition.

IMG_3525More cupboard doors fitted. Unfortunately the two above the fridge space are a different colour to the rest of the kitchen – they need to be replaced. I love how the original external door matches the new cupboard doors with the square windows.

IMG_3522The range cooker is in position but it still needs to be connected to the gas and electricity. Mark has already placed his first meal order.

IMG_3523You may notice that the granite has been removed from this part of the kitchen.


It is being replaced as the original granite had marks on it under the polished surface. They looked like water run marks. The company thinks that it may have been stained by water when it was first extracted and cut in India. The replacement should arrive tomorrow or Thursday.

D the floor man finished his work today but as we can’t go into the room until tomorrow, I will have to post the pictures then.




2 thoughts on “Build Day #68

  1. Don’t know. My guess is that the kitchen was modernised, along with the heating system, early electricity supply etc. in the 1930s, which was when the wealthy widow Mrs Martha Baxter moved in. The dresser may have gone at that time, along with, perhaps, the original coal fueled range etc.

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