Build Days #69 and #70

IMG_3529The floors were finished on Tuesday and this is a picture from Wednesday morning. Mark’s study.

IMG_3565Looking good.

IMG_3531Dining room.

IMG_3354How it looked just a few days ago.

IMG_3533Carpentry work continues. This is a box built around the copper pipes that run along the ceiling in the toilet.

IMG_3534Reclaimed architraves were fitted around the new kitchen doorway. Other doors were eased so that they open and close properly.

IMG_3570The replacement granite was fitted today.


IMG_3573One or two more things need to happen in the kitchen before it’s finished. The arched panel behind the mantel is being remade so that it finishes  lower down. This will also allow us to lower the extractor fan behind it as it’s just that bit too high at the moment. I also want the corbels cut down so that the the shelf is closer to the arch.

IMG_3572The dresser unit is finished though.

IMG_3546Not only do our cats know when knock-off time is, Albus, the neighbour’s cat, drops by around the same time each day to commune with Oliver, Ruby and Rose.

IMG_3545Ruby and Albus stare at each other a lot, and not just from this window but the ones at the front too. Soon her boyfriend Teddy Westlife will be getting jealous.

IMG_3555Rosie saying hello.

IMG_3549And finally Oliver.

IMG_3564Once all the evening excitement of exploration is over, we return to the top floor flat. Oliver leads as he likes to demonstrate how the stairs work in case we forget. He will run about three or four steps ahead, pausing to check you are following him.


6 thoughts on “Build Days #69 and #70

  1. Albus is Latin for white, of which he has a patch.
    Thanks for the cat repawt, and I hope there’s no hissing with Albus over territory when they finally get into their garden.
    Re that box around the pipes in the WC – my friends have a shelf over the doorframe in theirs, for the storage of all the spare rolls of paper. just an idea. when buying the 48-packs, the other 47 have to go somewhere.

  2. That is funny! My very first thought when I read this was: ‘Albus! What a totally excellent name for a cat…’

    We painted the kitchen of our latest house the same color as your kitchen. Our cabinetry is a light colored unpainted wood. We liked the effect of them together, but seeing your white cabinetry, I think it looks even nicer.

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