Found Objects #9


Today A the carpenter was laying new ply in the first floor hallway to replace all the broken floorboards. There was a lot of debris – broken plaster, old wiring, wood scraps. Yet another empty cigarette packet: Player’s No. 6.

IMG_3613An early type of two pin 5amp triple adaptor. UK Patent No 325130.


I looked it up and the patent is dated 13 February 1930. This adds to my theory that Martha Baxter was the early moderniser of the house.

IMG_3618An early wooden electricity socket.


A light switch.

IMG_3617The back plate is made of Bakelite. On the back it says “Wandsworth” and “England”.

IMG_3620The label and string that would have been wrapped around the 50 yards of GEC Vinazo Electricity Cable (‘insulated with Vulcanised India Rubber’) made in England by the Pirelli General Cable Works in Southampton. On one side the little seal says ‘Pirelli General’ and the other side ‘Southampton England’.

IMG_3621Made on Machine No 479.

IMG_3619An empty paper envelope for 3 Stanley “Yankee” Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver Bits. Made in Sheffield.

IMG_3622And something a bit more local. This is a paper bag from Hampshires Bakers and Confectioners, which must have been an old business on the nearby Allandale Road. There were also branches in Market Street and Hinkley Road. There were still crumbs in the bag. This looks post-war to me – perhaps 1950s? This would link to the second round of rewiring in the middle of last century. There are still branches of Hampshires Bakeries in Leicester but not on Allandale Road. You could probably date the bag if you knew when Hampshires (which began trading in 1900) had only these three branches. In 2009 there were 26 branches.

Interesting finds, though not as curious as the Japanese Chest or the Truth Serum




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