Build Day #73

IMG_3654Today was a busy day that began with a big clean up.

IMG_3660This is going to be our ‘utility closet’ for the washing machine and dryer. Eventually we will build a full utility room in the coal store at the back of the house. Afterwards this space will be used for storage or perhaps as a walk-in pantry.

IMG_3663Carpentry work continued. This is the repaired/rebuilt casement for Mark’s study.

IMG_3655The French doors were put under the microscope today and found wanting. When the bottom panels were removed there was plenty of rot and evidence of old repairs. They had to be taken away to a joiner. We are not sure yet whether they can be repaired or if they will need to be remade.

IMG_3652The creaky broken step in the servants staircase has been repaired.

IMG_3651To access the step, A the carpenter needed to ‘break in’ through the under stairs cupboard. I’m tempted to put a time capsule in there before it is sealed up.

IMG_3657In the dining room the first of the ceiling roses has been fitted.

IMG_3653The doorway is being prepared for its oak threshold. The terrazzo has been cut and trimmed on one side and  the quarry tiles on the other, and then the gap has been filled with cement. There was a row of blue engineering bricks here that would have formed the foundations of the brick wall that we cut through to make the door.

IMG_3666Outside the gutters have been fitted to the dormer windows at the front and back of the house.



3 thoughts on “Build Day #73

  1. 1910 tradesmen incorporated that creak in the maids’ stairs as her early-warning of unwanted visits by son of Master Of House. I saw ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ in the 1970’s.

  2. It’s all starting to come together.
    I love seeing all the choices you have made.
    And, what, no cats? I’m allergic to cats but I love them and I do enjoy seeing your trio exploring.

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