Build Day #74

I know that some of you come here to see the cats and that they have been missing from the last couple of posts. Sorry about that.


Here’s Ruby on the kitchen bench, making it her own.

IMG_3681Ruby wanting to learn how to use the drill.

IMG_3682Ruby wanting to learn how to use the teppanyaki griddle.

IMG_3693Oliver looking worried on the landing.

IMG_3696Oliver looking handsome. And a bit worried.

IMG_3667Rosie checking out the breakfast room.


The under servant stairs cupboard has been stripped ready for painting and has a new handle. OK, I need to admit it. We have decided to call in reinforcements for some of the decorating. P the painter is finishing off the breakfast room and kitchen and will also be decorating the dining room. I probably could have done it myself but it would have taken me ages, plus I’m not convinced I could paint woodwork very well.

IMG_3686The breakfast room has had a yellow based undercoat. This is not the final colour, which will be Farrow and Ball’s ‘Dayroom Yellow’, but it gives an idea of what a yellow room will look like. Bright and sunny.

IMG_3671The kitchen door has been stripped and filled.

IMG_3674The dining room floor has been covered and the walls and ceiling prepared. The walls are going to have lining paper and will be painted rather than wallpapered. I prefer paint as it is much easier to redecorate and change the colour. Not that I will ever want to change the colour that I have selected.

Once these particular rooms are decorated, and the quarry tiles in the kitchen get their final clean and seal, we will be able to get the rest of our furniture out of storage from Liverpool. We are hoping to have delivery at the end of August, which will be just over eleven months after we moved in. Not everything will be finished by then but it will mainly just be decorating work. It will be nice to have all of our stuff back under one roof even if we can’t uppack it all. Mark is of the view that if we didn’t really miss it for almost a year then it’s not incredibly essential to our lives. He is determined to downsize but we haven’t even fully upsized yet.


Carpentry work continued. Skirting board where the old door into the bedroom was (now the en suite).

IMG_3678More skirtings. The kitchen is almost finished; the last parts arrive on Friday.

IMG_3675The toilet and bathroom are almost ready for their final skim.


The repair to the back of the servant’s stairs cupboard was too quick for me to get a time capsule together.

IMG_3701I bought this oil painting today. It has been done by a good amateur hand and will go nicely on a wall in a room yet to be decided. It was in the charity shop for £5 so how could I pass it up? Mark asked if I bought it for the frame. I really like the painting but it is true that even the frame is worth more than £5. It is signed L H Cockerill and is called ‘Come into the garden’.








5 thoughts on “Build Day #74

  1. Very nice painting. Opens the door to ‘who’ and ‘when’ and ‘where’ and ‘what sort of a person was the artist’. Poor Oliver looks as if he’s in charge of insuring that it all goes as it is supposed to, which is enough to make any handsome cat look a little concerned.

  2. A fiver for a frame worth 105 is good work. I had a similar find myself and couldn’t leave it there. The subject suits the 1910 house. Mark is right about “not needed for a year, so why at all?” except that people who are not doing a full-on reno have visitors and return hospitality and … and
    the kitty crew are actually Looking For Their Furniture. x x x

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