Build Day #75

IMG_3715Hello yellow!

IMG_3716The breakfast room is coming together quickly now. The topcoat of Farrow and Ball’s ‘Dayroom Yellow’ has been applied. It’s bright and cheery and when the sun shines you might need your sunglasses!

IMG_3713In the dining room the lining paper has been hung and the ceiling has had some undercoats.

IMG_3709P the painter discovered a spillage problem when he opened today’s paint delivery – it looks like a massacre! Farrow and Ball are sending a replacement tomorrow. The colour is called ‘Incarnadine’ – I am embracing colour in this renovation. There is a trend at the moment for cool neutrals – different shades of grey are very popular but I just don’t think they would work in our house. Plus I won’t be associated with ‘fifty shades of grey’ in any way.

IMG_3728Plastering and patching continued in the toilet.

IMG_3725And bathroom.

IMG_3719Pipes were a bit of a theme today. Pipes installed under the kitchen sink.

IMG_3720New downpipes being assembled.

IMG_3721The redundant downpipe by the coal store was removed. You can see where the door to the servant’s toilet was bricked up (now part of the breakfast room). In Stage 2 of the build (scheduled for some time next year, hopefully) this little porch area outside the coal store will be turned into the downstairs toilet.

IMG_3724The blocked downpipe at the front of the house was disassembled. You can see all the algae where it has been leaking and causing damp in the lounge room wall.

IMG_3706The downpipe was full of this black, rotting leaf litter and there were roots in the pipe at ground level. This meant that during rainfall the pipe would simply fill up and overflow. It’s why I would always hear a gurgling sound in the bedroom when it rained outside, nothing was draining through the pipe.

IMG_3704The pipe is clear now and it will be reattached when the underground pipe is cleared of tree roots (or replaced).

IMG_3722The soil stack pipe at the side of the house is ready for connection.

IMG_3718We also have a tap in the kitchen! No water yet though. Ruby is going to love drinking from that. She will probably learn how to turn it on.

IMG_3714In the en suite some of the cabinetry was fitted. It’s getting exciting now.


8 thoughts on “Build Day #75

  1. I love that yellow!

    Will Ruby turn the tap off after drinking from it?

    What a mess in the down spout. I guess it’s better to clean gutters than to leave them so that problems occur later.

    Will you have double hand basins?

    • Thanks Helen! Ruby will probably end up flooding the entire ground floor! And yes, we will have double hand basins in the en suite. It was that or install a bath tub and we thought two basins would be more practical and get more use.

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