Build Day #77

IMG_3763We have a toilet!

IMG_3764And basins!

IMG_3765P the plumber was here today doing the second fix in the en suite.

IMG_3768Heated towel rail.

IMG_3766Dual basins with waterfall taps. Looking good.


IMG_3771Mark really wanted a ‘rain’ shower and I wanted a normal one so I found this dual outlet shower head system.

IMG_3769Best of both worlds.

IMG_3762Oliver inspecting the glass shower screens that will be installed tomorrow.

IMG_3775In the other toilet I did an undercoat just around where the towel radiator will be installed  so that P will be able to get onto that tomorrow when I have completed the top coat.

IMG_3776Same in the bathroom.

IMG_3774Also in the toilet I removed the old casement stay and have prepared its replacement by stripping most of its paint. We will re-use the monkey tail stay that we salvaged from the upstairs window when it was removed.


IMG_3780Oliver, Ruby and Rose downstairs looking see what else has changed.

IMG_3777In the kitchen I fitted the glass shade to the light. I will need to remove a few links of the chain.

IMG_3778The light in the breakfast room is far too long and will need to be adjusted.

IMG_3782I must remember to ask if we can grout these tiles before the end of the week, as A the tile restorer will be here next week.




4 thoughts on “Build Day #77

  1. It looks as if you are seeng the light at the end of the tunnel. What an interesting time I’ve had following your adventures. We should all tip a celebratory glass at the end of your renovation. No matter where we are.

    • Thanks Debby. We have a bottle of Bollinger champagne ready for the day our kitchen is operational. Then a bottle of Moet for the last day the builders are here for Stage One.

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