Build Day #78

IMG_3798The dining room chandelier was installed today, after much head-scratching from the electricians. Each one of those strands of crystal had to be hooked on individually – about halfway through one of the lads realised that each strand had graduated-sized crystals and he was putting them on the wrong way around.

IMG_3834Picture lights.

IMG_3822Adjusted chain and cord on the kitchen light.

IMG_3824Cord shortened on the breakfast room fisherman’s light. Reminds me of Van Gogh’s painting The Potato Eaters.

IMG_3805Some new switches on the top floor.

IMG_3810Other wiring is yet to be completed.

IMG_3808Shower screen in the en suite. Nice.

IMG_3811Toilet, basin and heated towel rail in the WC.


IMG_3815Towel rail, basin and cabinet in the main bathroom.

IMG_3817Waterfall tap. Ruby will love it.

IMG_3802This afternoon I wondered why my water glass had splashes around it…


IMG_3825T the painter worked on the gloss paint for the trim and doors in the breakfast room and kitchen. There is a bit of a prejudice against gloss white woodwork in this country but I love it, plus it is very hard wearing, unlike the satin paint we had in our Liverpool house (and on the top floor here).

IMG_3820I had to shut the terrible trio out of the kitchen and breakfast room as Ruby was about to leap onto a window sill that had wet paint on it. She is determined to be like Pepe le Pew’s girlfriend with the white stripe on her back.

IMG_3826Maybe she wants to make Albus jealous. His 5pm vigil.



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