Build Day #79


Gloss paint. Ah – the smell of Volatile Organic Compounds wafting through the air – comforting. T the painter was here today working on the breakfast room, kitchen, dining room and en suite.

IMG_3846I had painted most of the en suite myself but had shied away from painting the woodwork, so T painted the door and windows today.

IMG_3848Looking very sharp.


P the plumber installed the bath today, as well as doing various other things.

IMG_3843New pipe stacks are taking shape.

IMG_3841While outside I discovered the new external power socket.

IMG_3842And another external light.

IMG_3840The kitchen is almost finished…six weeks later. The new extractor panel and mantel shelf have been fitted. Looking much better.

IMG_3849I don’t think Oliver is a fan of the smell of gloss paint. He refused to go downstairs for his daily inspection.

Meanwhile we are on night two of no lights on the top floor – every time you switch on an appliance the lights go out, and sometimes they just go out by themselves. It’s not really engendering confidence in my electricians…




4 thoughts on “Build Day #79

  1. Sensible Oliver. Cat noses are much more sensitive than human ones.
    paint odour reduction hints are cut onion and/or a bowl of vinegar, both odourous themselves.
    good luck with the AC/DC which sounds like fuse wire overload issue.

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