Build Day #80

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.10.23The first ‘before and after’ pic: the breakfast room is almost finished as the floor will be cleaned and sealed next week. As you can see, this used to be the kitchen (and historically it was the scullery), with the outdoor servants’ toilet and the cold store pantry behind the demolished walls and door. We have also opened up the rear of the house to the garden with the double doors. The room has new windows and doors, the walls have been lined and insulated and the ceiling replaced. We have retained the original quarry tiles.

IMG_1973A ‘during’ shot. Tilting servant’s toilet cistern.

IMG_1992And another.

IMG_2254One more.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.40.05Looking in the other direction. The man in the first shot was the real estate agent, whose name was Oliver, so I kind of knew this was the right house for us.

IMG_1709Another ‘during’ shot. Builder’s kettle, ancient radiator and blocked up side door.

IMG_3875P the plumber was here today fitting the new pipe stacks.

IMG_3874Very neat.

IMG_3876The garden tap was put in a couple of days ago.

IMG_3870The old ground floor toilet in what was originally the Edwardian “telephone room”…

IMG_3871Decommissioned and ready to remove.

IMG_3879And in the skip!

IMG_3898Waterfall tap in the bath.

IMG_3894Ruby investigating.

IMG_3858My first cup of tea drunk in the kitchen, but not made in there yet…

IMG_3860I unpacked my hamper from the oven company.

IMG_3861Lots of goodies.

IMG_3862I put them in a random kitchen cupboard for now.

IMG_3865T the painter was here doing a few final touch-ups. Tomorrow the kitchen door will get its new handle.

IMG_3903Ruby trying out the new kitchen tap.

IMG_3906She loves water.

IMG_3963Oliver gave it a go a bit later.

IMG_3880I did a bit of a vacuum and clean in the kitchen and breakfast room.

IMG_3872Old lath and plaster removed and new wall plastered in the rear landing. Other patching continued elsewhere.

IMG_3877Broken leadlight by the front door – it will need to be repaired. My theory is something was dropped or fell from the scaffold above. Note the dent in the bottom right hand edge of the window.

IMG_3889Oliver and Rose emerging from upstairs at the end of the day.

IMG_3913The neighbour’s cat, Albus, waiting.

IMG_3915Rosie saying hello to Albus.

IMG_3917Fighting off Ruby!

IMG_3883External shot. The very top parts of the scaffold were taken down yesterday.









5 thoughts on “Build Day #80

  1. I just love the colour you have picked for the kitchen walls, they work really well with the kitchen cupboards.
    The panelled kitchen door is stunning too, was that already there?

  2. The breakfast room is gorgeous. I love seeing the contrast between the before and after. I lack the imagination to look at a space and see what it can be. I am really looking forward to seeing what the space looks like with furniture in it.
    The re-used door looks perfect.

  3. Love the colour of the breakfast room, especially with the white trim – very sunny and will go well with brekky eggs.
    I can understand why Rose and Ruby are taken with Albus. A cat with a moustache is a cat to be admired. 🙂

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