Build Day #84 and #85

Internally, the build work on the house is nearing its end. There are many small tasks that are gradually being completed: final sanding and filling, securing of loose floorboards, that sort of thing. Decoration will be done by us afterwards.

IMG_4073A ring on the master bedroom ceiling rose.

IMG_4072A casement stay on the toilet window.

IMG_4071Yet more sanding and filling…there is dust everywhere.

IMG_4070Storage cupboard fitted in the en suite. All the en suite needs now to be finished is the extractor fan fitted, some sealant around the recesses in the shower, a few paint touch ups and good clean.

IMG_4074The dehumidifiers in the kitchen and breakfast room continue to help dry out the floor.

Externally, the gutters need fitting, a window casement needs remaking, the french doors in the dining room need to be refitted etc. so that may take a little while longer.

Countdown to the rest of the furniture arriving: 11 days. Countdown to our friends M&M visiting from Australia: 36.


8 thoughts on “Build Day #84 and #85

  1. I love to see how it is all coming together. I am looking forward to seeing how furniture looks in the space.

    And…. what happens when all is complete? Will you continue blogging?

  2. I hesitate to say this but my experience forces me to mention: that nifty long bathroom storage has a metal pull which may crack against the shower glass if flung open in a rush.
    How wonderful though to have friends for the finish and furniture imminent. a triumph of taste and tenacity.

    • Oh ye of little faith iODyne! My builder tested the spring back of the door and its distance from the glass. Impossible for the two to meet. But thank you for your concern and good wishes!

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