Build Day #86


Oliver and Ruby, and water.

IMG_4101Miss Rose does not like getting her fur wet.

IMG_4075The old header water tank was removed from the creepy under eaves cupboard, along with the woordwormy boards (the woodworm was historic but we had it treated anyway).

IMG_4079It’s actually quite a big space. We are wondering if it was room for habitation originally. It has a window.

IMG_4077It was wallpapered.

IMG_4078There was a gaslight. Perhaps it was for a servant to sleep in?

IMG_4091The header tank was set in a large wooden box that was filled with crumbled cork and screwed up newspaper, my guess for insulation. The newspapers (The Daily Express) dated from November and December 1928.

IMG_4104The final ceiling rose was fitted in the lounge.

IMG_4103In the dining room the final pieces of concrete were chipped out of the fireplace. I have to decide what to do here – whether to have it filled with a self leveling latex filler or wait and lay more tiles, either matching or replacing the current hearth tiles.

IMG_4107Outside the next layer of the scaffold has come down. The painters are the last to finish on each level before it is removed. Gleaming paintwork.

IMG_4108Full skip. I have lost count – six?

IMG_4102Argh! Filler, on top of a light fitting, on top of a painted ceiling! It’s annoying when things are done backwards but it will be alright in the end.



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