Stage One

Stage One of the build is getting closer to completion and some of you have asked if I will keep blogging when it is over. The answer is yes because this is just the first part of this Edwardian House Renovation.

Once JB and his team leave we still have to:

  • Decorate the remaining rooms
  • Install carpets, curtains and blinds
  • Move the furniture in (and maybe buy some new things too!)
  • Landscape the front and rear gardens

In addition there are further building stages planned for when funds allow:

  • Conversion of the coal store into a utility room and downstairs toilet
  • Renovation of the guest bathroom on the top floor
  • Upgrading of the other rooms on the top floor – two bedrooms (and the spooky under eaves cupboard)
  • Installing a cat run in the garden
  • Building a summer house in the garden
  • Building a shed in the garden

Plus we then have to watch the garden grow and continue with further improvements:

  • Upgrading and renovating fireplaces throughout the house
  • Installing further double glazing and secondary glazing
  • Repairs to leadlight windows
  • Improving insulation

And one day (hopefully not too soon):

  • Replace the entire roof! Argh!

There are also still stories to be told in the House History category, so all in all I will blogging for a while yet!

And when not blogging here, you will probably still find me at Scott’s Travel Adventures. Who knows, there might even be new stories at the Oliver and Ruby Chronicles, Featuring Miss Rose. Plus, for archive interest, there is my first blog, in hiatus, Scott’s Abode, which chronicled our lives back in Australia from 2007, including our migration to the UK in 2009 and stories of the dear, departed cats Doris and Orlando.




5 thoughts on “Stage One

  1. Please don’t unspookify the cupboard. Aren’t I meant to be sleeping there? I want to be terrified. (It’ll take my mind off the even more terrifying prospect of hydronic heating…)

    • And there’s a lock on the outside…
      We might let you have the guest room instead. As for hyrdonic heating – you have clearly never been to the northern hemisphere in winter. You would LOVE it.

  2. keep forgetting to mention that J H Cockerell garden painting find fits your Arts & Crafts era house and is more special than you think.
    Cockerells are big deal in Leicester. Knighted and in The Peerage etc and C R Cockerell is sought by art dealers. also .
    ‘Wilfrid Blunt author SYDNEY CARLYLE COCKERELL, FRIEND OF RUSKIN AND WILLIAM MORRIS AND DIRECTOR OF THE FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, CAMBRIDGE. describing Cockerell’s relationship with William Morris and the Kelmscott Press.’

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