Build Days #88, #89 #90

Will we reach Build Day #100?

IMG_4153The kitchen floor sealer has soaked in! Looking good.

IMG_4158There was a big clean up. So much space! First floor hallway.

IMG_4155The new stopcock and pipes have been boxed in.

IMG_4147We have gutters! No downpipes yet though.

IMG_4161More gutters!

IMG_4149The dining room French doors have been repaired and delivered.

IMG_4150The bottom halves were rotten and so they have been reconstructed in hardwood.

IMG_4159We can see the tiles once more in the first floor toilet.

IMG_4160And bathroom.

IMG_4163More rearranging of furniture and boxes. The other day Mark and I had a major rethink of the use of rooms in the house. Mark’s future study has become . . . my future study!

IMG_4164We are also re-organising the back bedroom. This was the servant’s bedroom and will now become the new guest room. At least for Lisa she will no longer be in the creepy under eaves cupboard when she visits next year!  Michelle and Margaret – you will more than likely be in the top floor front bedroom next month.






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