Build Day #91

T the painter was here today painting a few parts of the exterior. He is now waiting for the next layer of scaffold to come down before he can continue.

Today was a momentous day for us as the rest of our furniture and belongings were delivered from Liverpool. They have spent 350 days in storage.

IMG_4170Ruby making her inspections.

IMG_4188Rosie was trying to open this box by tugging on the loose tape.

IMG_4172A concerned Oliver spooked by yet more upheaval.

IMG_4178The dresser took its place in the breakfast room. I had been worried that the cream colour might clash with the yellow but it doesn’t at all.

IMG_4181Ruby agrees. It also provides her with a new vantage point. As the men were lugging the dresser in they uttered, dejectedly, ‘there’s no Ikea flatpack stuff here to make it easy for us!’.

IMG_4175More furniture was deposited in the dining room. The beauty of things having been in a storage container all this time is that they are still beautifully polished, shiny, and free of building dust, unlike everything that was here during the works.

IMG_4184Oliver and Ruby amongst the dining chairs. The most difficult part of the delivery was the carrying and positioning of the piano, which is terribly out of tune. I don’t have a photo of it but will post one tomorrow. The movers did such a good job, especially considering they had to negotiate, in the front garden, a tree stump, an uneven crazy-paving path and scaffold posts obstructing the front door.

IMG_4183Fridge, with many fingermarks, in position and ready for docking. The fridge was already here but it was moved into this position today.

IMG_4173Miss Rose on the landing.

IMG_4174I wish I had a video camera for when Oliver rediscovered his sofa. He immediately laid claim to it and leapt on. He proceeded to get very excited, crouching with his ears folded back, glancing around wildly and leaping about on the cushions and back, fighting off his sisters if they even thought about hopping on.

It feels nice to have all of our belongings back under one roof almost a year after we moved. Another step closer.


4 thoughts on “Build Day #91

  1. I have moved a lot and have massive respect for removalists tough job. They either quit a fortnight after being hired or last forever.
    Love the dresser / cabinets arch echo and I have a ‘contact happy’ for all 5 of you. Those of us with cats can easily visualise Oliver’s couch conga dance.

  2. I have moved whilst I was in the Army, twice overseas. It takes time for your things to catch up with you. I do have to say I understand Oliver’s sofa dance and may have done my own sofa dance a time or two in my life. There’s such a feeling of ‘home’ when you are once again surrounded by your own things.

  3. How wonderful to have your furniture back.

    Will you put carpet on the landings? Some of the wood floors look like they have been finished but not on the landing.

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