Build Days #92 and #93

IMG_4192On day #92 the repaired french doors were refitted. They just need a handle and latch now.

IMG_4194More downpipes. This one looks a little bendy as it passes this piece of timber.

IMG_4193The roofer was here replacing the last of the missing roof tiles on the main roof.

IMG_4189We started unpacking!

IMG_4190I also cleaned the fridge.

IMG_4191Things always look worse during the unpacking for a little while.

Today the scaffolders were meant to dismantle the scaffold but they are coming tomorrow instead. This meant that T the painter couldn’t get on with his work, so he will be back tomorrow.




One thought on “Build Days #92 and #93

  1. Truly, unpacking is much worse than packing things up. For one thing we realize we packed in a hurry and must have put the measuring cups and spoons (still missing after 4 months) in with assorted unknowns. Enjoying your progress. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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