Build Day #96

IMG_4222Oliver and Ruby spending the evening on the sofa together – a rare occurrence (Oliver on the right with his usual slightly worried look – and gorgeous chubby cheeks!).

IMG_4251A the carpenter was back today and he began fitting the new ironmongery to the front door. The letter box is the original one but I have given it a good polish. I think it will all need to come off again though when T the painter comes to give the door the final coat. T was here today doing some decorating work on windows around the back of the house.

IMG_4250The new back plate for the letter box was fitted too.

IMG_4244The main news today however involves electrics. We have lights downstairs for the first time in over four months!

IMG_4262Lights! And Ruby.


IMG_4233Lights!!! The chandelier is still covered as the men have not yet stopped making dust.



IMG_4261Lights!!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?

IMG_4242Not only lights but full power to the kitchen! An oven!

IMG_4259A microwave!
IMG_4243And – our favourite object in the entire house – the dishwasher!

IMG_4235Lights outside too!

IMG_4246And out the front! A bit crooked though – needs to be straightened up.

IMG_4237Did I mention over counter lights?! Still being installed.

IMG_4255Upstairs there are more lights but no electricity yet. Master bedroom ceiling light.

IMG_4253Master bedroom wall lights – they’ll look better once the room has been decorated…

IMG_4252The electricians will be back to finish tomorrow. Not sure about this light for my study – I bought it before we decided to fit the ceiling roses and I don’t think it’s big enough.

IMG_4258Main bathroom ceiling light, wall light and extractor fan.

Electricity on the ground floor is a major milestone. It means we (humans and felines) can move into the kitchen and breakfast room. It also means I can unpack more of the kitchen and dining room – I was holding off in case the electricians needed to move the large dresser or the china cabinet to get to sockets.



5 thoughts on “Build Day #96

  1. How on earth did Rose get on that little shelf?

    You have a lovely selection of lights, but that one in your study does look a little wimpy under the ceiling rose.

    I laughed when you wrote that the dishwasher is your favourite thing in the house. Our sons went to university three weeks ago, the dishwasher has only been used once and that was when we found glasses and bowls hidden around the house. After over 21 years it has been a pleasure to have only a small amount of washing up!

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