Build Days #97, #98 and #99

2014-09-11 12.25.58Things have been very busy here so this is  just a quick update with more to follow in a day or so. Electricians, carpenters and painters have been in attendance this week and we have moved to the new kitchen! I have baked cakes and bread and cooked proper meals. We are also preparing the cats for their big move downstairs. We are just waiting for the Great Wall on the top floor to be dismantled so we can move key items such as the cat tree downstairs to their new room. I have been hanging their ribbons in anticipation – most of them belong to Miss Rose (Oliver and Ruby’s are the ones on the left). Much more to tell, including Miss Rose’s fall from the top floor window. Don’t worry, she is fine apart from a slightly grazed chin – not bad for plummeting three stories and being outdoors for the first time in her life.


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