Build Day #101 – and an anniversary

Friday was both the 101st day of the build and the one year anniversary of moving in!

IMG_4324It was a bricks and mortar day, so there was a lot of repointing of brickwork by A and A.

IMG_4326This was done the other day but it’s a good shot of the repaired cast iron downpipe. JB found an exact match of the one that was stolen by the metal thieves. Even the brackets are the same. Note that our house is now looking smarter than our neighbours!

IMG_4327The downpipe has a new gully trap too.

IMG_4328Around the side where the door and window were blocked up. Note all the new gutters and downpipes too.

IMG_4331Looking up at the freshly painted windows.

IMG_4335Around the other side the french doors have been repaired, refitted and repainted.

IMG_4336New handles.

IMG_4337Looking up to the top window, the scene of Rose’s fall.

IMG_4341The dining room is taking shape.

IMG_4340I excavated the hearth, removing the old tiles and breaking up the cement. Underneath is the ash and rubble base. The tiles were definitely not original. They were from the 1930s and had the maker’s mark of Sherwin and Cotton. I will need to think about what we do with this fireplace when we have some money…IMG_0944A before shot for you, taken the day we lifted the peach coloured carpet. I must reattach that servant bell.

tilesOnline I found a smaller version of what the 1930s fire might have looked like. These are the same Sherwin and Cotton tiles. I would say the fireplace was the work of Martha Baxter.

IMG_4343Oliver spending some important upside-down time in his new breakfast room location.

IMG_4348He reminds us that it’s important to look at the world from a different perspective. He is happy to spend the night in the breakfast room and kitchen with his sisters but is very keen to come straight out in the morning. I don’t think he likes the neighbour’s cat Albus peering in through the doors.







5 thoughts on “Build Day #101 – and an anniversary

  1. oh dear Oliver’s furry face looks so happy to have all this new stuff.
    Thinking about that ‘exact match’ downpipe, I wondered if yours was originally ‘liberated’ by some Other Builders for their client. Scoff ye not, it’s a funny world.
    The Divine-ing room is. I am so happy for your triumph.
    X X X

  2. Well hello! I have finally caught up – my haven’t you been busy!! The house is really taking shape and looking fabulous! You must be thrilled with it! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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