October Update

Quite a lot has been going on here so I will try to catch you up.


On Build Day #102, A1 and A2 were here. The casement window for the top floor bedroom was finished. The aerial cable was reattached to the house, a mesh cage was fitted to the downpipe to stop leaves, the exterior light was adjusted, plaster was patched on the top floor, beading was placed on the french windows,  and the dining room fireplace hearth was cemented ready for tiles or slate. The range cooker kick plate was fitted. The leak under the sink was fixed. Other windows were eased. The coal store was insulated and boarded where the future doorway has been cut out. A shelf was built in the airing cupboard.

On Day #103, P and T the decorators re-coated the front door and painted the casement, ready for fitting.

We then had a week off as our friends Michelle and Margaret from Australia stayed with us.


We went into town and visited the new Richard III museum. King Richard III’s grave was rediscovered under a Leicester car park in 2013 after having been lost for hundreds of years. The car park was once the site of a great Franciscan friary where Richard was buried following his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth. His death saw the end of the Plantagenet kings and the beginning of the Tudor dynasty.


Leicester’s medieval Guild Hall.

1962676_290986174441868_4906089542144347053_nIt dates to the 1300s.


On another day we went to Market Harborough.


Also Foxton Locks: a staircase of 10 canal locks on the Grand Union Canal, the largest canal staircase in the English canal system.

IMG_5004It was great to see how the narrowboats go from lock to lock in order to negotiate the steep hill.

IMG_5005We drove through the countryside of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire stopping at villages along the way.

IMG_5079In Weston by Welland, purely by chance, we discovered four generations of my ancestors buried in the churchyard!

IMG_5102The village of Medbourne.

IMG_5148The beautiful Georgian town of Stamford.

IMG_5266Burghley House. It was great to see Michelle and Margaret and do some things that were non-house related.

On Day #104, A1 and S the carpenters fitted the casement window, eased some windows and doors and finalised other carpenter related things.

Day #105 saw JB and A2 investigate a couple of problems – a squeak had developed where the tiles meet the shower base in the en suite.


It also became clear that there was some sort of leak from the en suite shower as a water stain had been slowly growing on the ceiling of the entrance hall below.


The water theme continued with the discovery that the vanity tops in the en suite were taking in water somehow and were swelling and cracking! A2 disassembled the vanity units and removed the ruined tops. We are going to have them re-made in quartz, which will repel any future leaks. The cause of the leak, located in the waste pipes from the basins, will also be sealed.


On Days #106 and #107, A2 and D were here finishing up the last few jobs. They siliconed around the external front light, replaced the exhaust grill in the en suite, repaired the leaky gutter and downpipe, fixed a draught in the creepy eaves cupboard, and cleared away rubbish. G the tiler investigated the squeaky tiles, raked out the grout and replaced it with silicone. The recesses in the shower were also resealed as we think that’s where the leak is coming from.

This basically means that the build has come to an end! There are a couple more jobs to finish off and that will be it for Stage 1.


The threshold into the kitchen (pictured with Oliver’s catnip-mouse) will need to be glued down once we have had the terrazzo restored.



The basins in the en suite will need to be refitted when the new quartz tops arrive, and there are a couple of paint splashes on the front tiled gable to clean off and some touching up to do but this has to wait for the wasps in the nest in the bay window roof to die off in the winter – the wasps were a bit aggressive when A2 climbed the ladder to complete those final tasks.

Day #108, today, saw the return of P and T, the decorators! They are working on the lounge, study, master bedroom, toilet and bathroom.

IMG_4373I had them sign their names on the lounge room wall.

IMG_4374It’s right next to L Johnson’s signature, the decorator from 1935.

IMG_4370It’s already looking brighter in the lounge.

IMG_4371I can’t wait for the orange and powder blue to go!

IMG_4372I love how quick decorators are and how much this final work transforms the room.

IMG_4388The bathroom and toilet are also prepped and ready for painting on Monday.

IMG_4386As is my study.

IMG_4387I had the electricians replace the light that was fitted before – it looks much better.

IMG_4381Also yesterday the number and name plate was fitted by A2 next to the front door. This reinstates the house’s original name.




11 thoughts on “October Update

  1. All very interesting. The staircase lock looks intriguing. While it is second hand, one overheard young lass asked what the king was doing in the carpark. Australians aren’t great on British history.

  2. Jeepers you gave me a start when I got to “M&M staying with us” and then a skeleton under glass popped up and I thought Holy Cow they found a body in the basement.
    You could have mentioned Richard III prior.

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