Fireplace Reveal – Master Bedroom

IMG_4490I had been waiting until the master bedroom was cleared for decorating before I attempted to open up this fireplace as the others had been quite messy and dusty affairs.


The fireplace is the same shape as the one in the study next door (above), though the hearth tiles are green rather than red (I still need to strip and clean these red tiles by the way). I was worried that the hood was going to be missing as I couldn’t see how the fireplace could be boarded up flat as the hood projects outward slightly.

IMG_4491The board came off quite easily and I was glad to see that the decorative hood was still in place. It seems to close flatter than the one in the study.

IMG_4492I removed the wooden frame and the grate and prepared myself for lots of dust, soot, and the odd bird skeleton. There was nothing.

IMG_4493I shone a torch up the flue and discovered that it has been blocked up at some point in the past. There is a flat piece of board, or perhaps linoleum, sitting at the top of the flue. I dare not remove it and am happy that it should remain blocked for now.

IMG_4494Large flakes of paint came off when I removed the cover and it appears that the fireplace is made of metal with a black speckled enamel coating. I am not keep to strip the fireplace at this point so it will be repainted white.






One thought on “Fireplace Reveal – Master Bedroom

  1. Yeah you lucked out dirt wise, but ironically this is the only upstairs fireplace that you might actually use, and it’s blocked.

    My living room once had a mantle that jutted out on a brick chase holding a chimney and heat ducts that was then torn out and rebuilt flush with the wall, and no matter how much cleaning and reinforcing I did to it, it continued to slow release filth into my living room. Until yesterday when we drywalled over it.

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