Kitchen: Before and After

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Today the glass splash-back was finally installed after many weeks of delay. It was the final piece of the puzzle to fall into place and the kitchen is now complete! Here is a set of “Before and After” shots for your viewing pleasure.

Kitchen6You can see that the door and window in this corner were blocked up in order for the kitchen to be built. The glass splash-back behind the cooker looks a little redder in the photo than it actually is. It matches the quarry tile floor. I have retained the servant’s bell and need to refurbish it. The boiler was moved upstairs and the chimney breast demolished.

Kitchen5Here you can see the new doorway we had knocked through to the entrance hall.

Kitchen4The Welsh dresser in the photo above belonged to the previous owner (this was one of the estate agent pictures). I like how we have a built in dresser/pantry in the same spot. It is traditionally where a dresser would have been in this room. The door to the left of the dresser conceals the servant’s rear staircase.

Kitchen3The window was replaced with a double glazed one and was built slightly higher so that there was room for kitchen counter tops.

Kitchen2The room is painted in Farrow and Ball’s ‘Ball Green’ and the splash-back is ‘Red Earth’.

Kitchen1We removed the door into the breakfast room to open the space up a bit more. Another room complete – we can tick it off the list!


12 thoughts on “Kitchen: Before and After

    • When we first moved into the house and it was, cavernous, a little creepy, dark, shadowy and cobwebby, I would sometime press the servant’s bells in a room and just wait to see if anything happened…

  1. I love the kitchen, if ours were as nice I might be inspired to cook! The transformation is incredible.
    If I come visit, might I suggest a comfy chair where I could watch you cook!!!!!

    • Thanks Helen – there’s a couple of oak stools in the breakfast room that I usually have in the kitchen for perching on, plus I might buy a butcher’s block for the centre of the room so that people can sort of sit beside it, perhaps with their drink.

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