Dining Room: Before and After

dining2In this before and after shot you can see the dining room as it appeared in the sale brochure and how it looks now.

dining3What have we done in this room? First, the ceiling had been over-boarded and skimmed as the original lath and plaster ceiling was cracked and in danger of collapse. We managed to keep the original cornice and picture rail.

dining4The walls were in good enough condition to cover with lining paper and re-paint rather than re-plaster. We redirected the ugly copper central heating pipes that ran up the wall by the door.

dining6To the left you can see that the fireplace was reinstated. We still have to tile the hearth and decide what sort of fire to install – perhaps a gas log fire or a wood-burning stove.

dining7We had the original pine floorboards stripped and polished.

dining5The French doors were restored as much of the wood had rotted in the bottom panels. As with the rest of the house, this room was rewired and redecorated. Just in time for some pre-Christmas entertaining!



15 thoughts on “Dining Room: Before and After

  1. Surprise – the room looks larger in it’s new warm colour than when it was icy pale.
    Just gorgeous. I think of you working away all that time, clinging to this vision we enjoy now.
    Interiors design-supremo Mr Nicky Haslam would congratulate you too I reckon. I have been a big Nicky watcher since his Jagger 1960’s through his Elvis phase with Debo D, I buy his books and subscribe to his blog . His life is a work of art.
    Definitely a room for celebration, of the birth of JC or of anything else really.
    Happy Christmas to the 5 of you.

  2. So elegant and yet so inviting!! I just love what you’ve done and so appreciate the time, work and resources spent in creating a beautiful living space. Congratulations and a very Merry Christmas to you, Mark and of course, my favourite kitty kats!!!

  3. It looks just lovely and warm (despite the empty fireplace). Perhaps go with a gas log fire rather than a wood burner – way too much dust with a wood burner, and with so much lovely timber furniture and crystal thingys you would be forever dusting.
    Happy Christmas to you all 🙂

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  5. I’m a bit late to the party but if you would be good enough to share the colour of red you used I would really appreciate it, I’ve been looking for the perfect red for my hallway in my 1902 house. Amazing blog!

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