Stage 2, Day 2

IMG_1442Today the hole was dug a few inches deeper and concrete poured in.IMG_1450The sanitary ware was delivered. Oliver inspects. IMG_1427Rose continued her love affair with the carpet samples (not a euphemism). IMG_1430For some reason she adores grooming them. I think she needs a baby brother or sister to take care of. Perhaps a puppy. IMG_1443Another shot of the hobnail boot imprint for iODyne. IMG_1441They are definitely concave imprints. IMG_1438My front door was also splashed with concrete – I managed to clean it off before it dried.


One thought on “Stage 2, Day 2

  1. oh you sweet thing. clearly my spectacles need intensifying as it is evident the hobs pressed into those bricks. Cement splashes are an absolute mongrel to remove once dried, even from low glass windows despite water pressure and scrapers.
    Ruby: Maybe plush toys are the answer? Is the carpet pure wool? The samples are all lovely and impossible to choose from, and she is gobstonkingly adorable and divine.

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