Stage 2, Day 3

IMG_1454Today the pipes for the new toilet and utility were connected to the Edwardian drains.

IMG_1460Construction began on the wall to enclose the space.

IMG_1455The wall is much thicker than I imagined, taking up a fair bit of what I thought would be internal space – I hope there will be enough room for the new toilet. If not, the wall thickness suggests I could rent it out as a new storage facility for Hatton Garden jewellers.

IMG_1459Waste pipe.


2 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 3

  1. That is handsome black spouting and how good to know that 100 years from now the house will still be a solid shelter for somebody who shall no doubt be saying
    “… back in 2015 these Australians restored the place completely …”.
    if the Hatton Garden triple-brick walls had Oliver as LookOut, the gems would still be there.

  2. I was thinking about having a green and gold leadlight window made but then I found that window on eBay instead. I does have green and gold in it though. In the window in this post is Ruby – who in fact would be a much better watch-cat than Oliver.

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