Stage 2, Day 4

IMG_1467This afternoon it was raining and the view was blocked by those boards so I just took a picture out of the kitchen window. Trust me though: we have a floor! It’s setting right now.

IMG_1468And for those of you thinking that a plush toy might help Rose with her love of carpet samples – this is the cats’ toy box. Plenty to groom in there one would think…

In other news, I am putting together a time capsule to go in the cavity of the new wall – suggestions welcome. Also the tile samples arrived, though I haven’t taken pictures yet.


5 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 4

  1. I would put in a newspaper from the day that you seal it up. I would also put in a picture of you and your husband. It sounds as if you have quite a knowledge of the history of the house, and putting that it would make lovely reading. I’d also put in some of the items that you found during the course of your renovations, the cigarette packs and the note and the like. We had a time capsule in our house, which was no more than a hand written history of our house from the very first owners. It was very exciting. We will be replacing it when the renovation is complete, with the original paperwork from the owner in the 60s, plus a written time line of the house by the previous owner (now deceased) and finally something of my husband and my ownership. These things are very thrilling to find and you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever you put in there will be very exciting to the person who discovers it in the future.

  2. It would be great idea to put in some of what you have found in the house and yes, some detail of yourselves. I initially thought a memory stick with various things on it, but who knows if anything will be able to read memory sticks when the capsule is discovered.

  3. of course she has plush toys. what was I thinking! for the time capsule if you had a cellphone that has been superseded that would be good. political advertising leftover from the election will read as hilarious in 50 years as well.

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