Stage 2, Day 5 (With Audience Participation!)

IMG_1476Here is a view of the floor that was laid yesterday. It needs some time to cure before it can be walked on so A and R did some other jobs.

IMG_1474The future step out of the back door. Note the 100 year old ivy growing on the fence.

IMG_1475Sorry about the odd sizes of the pictures – I have upgraded to Apple’s Yosemite operating system which no longer supports my photo editor. I need to work out a new way to resize pictures. The servants’ courtyard area was cleared of the pavers and the ash foundation was dug up. This means I can turn this into a garden bed of shade loving plants – any suggestions? In summer it gets a bit of sun but none in winter. We also get frosts.


IMG_1482Now for the audience participation part. This opening is going to be walled in to form the toilet. JB and the team were looking long and hard today at how to build this wall and there are two design possibilities.

IMG_5301 - 2015-02-18 at 11-44-42First you need to observe the Edwardian mock-Tudor design detail at the front of the house. You can see that there is a black and white timber and render detail around the front door – Edwardians and Victorians adored the Tudor age and there are echoes of Tudor design in many buildings from that era. I want to echo this design in the new wall.

img_4715By the way, here are some friends of mine in front of a real Tudor building – Speke Hall in Liverpool, where I used to be an education guide.


Design A

These are my crudely drawn design options for the new wall. Remember that this is going to be the view from my kitchen window, so I want it to be interesting. Above is Design A. You can see that there is red brick at the base of the wall, then the leadlight window with the Tudor timber and render detail, and then brick continues above.


Design B

And this is Design B. The timber and render detail continues above the window and fills in the rest of the space to the roofline.

Which do you prefer? Add a comment or click on the Poll below.


6 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 5 (With Audience Participation!)

    • LOVE Grayson Perry! There was a documentary he made called ‘All in the Best Possible Taste’, about cultural tastes of the different UK classes – it was brilliant.

  1. After lurking for a while I thought I’d be brave and leave a comment! Love design B, looks very authentic.

    For shady garden plants try Long Acre plants – they have a great range and are very helpful; we had some very healthy plants from them earlier in the year. Happy gardening.

    • Hi jaspersmum95 – thanks for coming out of lurkdom! I have just spent half an hour poring over the Long Acre website – wonderful, especially as we don’t have a car, so it would have been difficult to get to a specialist nursery. I’m thinking of a hydrangea with ferns underneath…or a Skimmia Japonica Nymans! Things with berries would be great as it will entertain the cats when the birds come to feed.

      • Sounds fab, we’re just getting some berries on our skimmia – a good all year round plant which earns its keep. We had some wonderful ferns from them, some hardy geraniums and aquilegias. All lovely chunky little plants which have established well under a big tree – so shady and very dry. They came very well packaged and we found them to be good value compared to garden centres even including delivery. I’m now desperately trying to find space for a few more – hey there’s always room for a few more… Happy shopping!

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