Stage 2, Day 6

IMG_1484Design B won the poll by a landslide – around 75% in favour. I contacted my builder this morning just as he was buying supplies for the work, so I caught him just in time! Thanks to all those who voted – Mark and I preferred this design too.

Lots of supplies were delivered today. I also met with a lady who specialises in laying Victorian and Edwardian style floor tiles. A tree surgeon came to look at the tree stumps that need grinding out in the front garden. Tomorrow I am having a survey done for fireplaces – one for the dining room and one for the lounge, but I’m not sure the budget will stretch to that – we will have to wait and see. Dream big, winnow down.

IMG_1501The foundation for the back step was poured.

IMG_1504The coal store conversion is taking shape.

IMG_1503The floor seems to have set.

IMG_1510The internal timber frame and insulation is going in. In this corner will be my washing machine and a belfast sink.

IMG_1508Future doorway into the breakfast room.

IMG_1511Site of future basin in the toilet. There will also be a rather nice brass porthole-style mirror and Tiffany wall light that I bought on the weekend.



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