Stage 2, Day 7

IMG_1518In case John and Mindy are reading – your bulbs are coming up nicely! You will have to remind me about what they are again. IMG_1517This is a shot of the slabs that will form the back step. IMG_1519Work continued today with more lining and insulating of the coal store. There was also some further demolition as the old lath and plaster ceilings were torn down. The toilet is going to have cathedral height ceilings! DSC_0273When A and R were demolishing the celings they took some photos of the abandoned wasp nest. It’s like something out of Alien and it was huge! DSC_0276Quite fascinating, and disturbing at the same time. IMG_1533With the ceiling now removed you can get a good idea of the future height of this room too. IMG_1520There is a large space above the back section of the breakfast room too now, practically a mezzanine. I am wondering if it is worth lining this section to use for storage, either enclosing it with cupboard doors or leaving it open as a big exposed shelf. If we did this it would mean that the skylight might be able to be bigger or more centred in the roof space. IMG_1526A close-up of a roof tile. I knew that type of tile is referred to as a rosemary but I didn’t realise that it was literal. IMG_1522My concern is the structural integrity of this main beam holding up the roof hip. It was quite dark in there but I think I saw some tell-tale woodworm holes in the timber. I am also wondering if that white section at the base is some wet rot as there is evidence of a long term leak in this part of the roof. JB will take a look at it tomorrow but it won’t be the first time we’ve uncovered something like this. At least there’s no sign of a fruiting body…


2 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 7

  1. Yes, creepy and compelling. Clever little nasties they are. of course you will make sure the wasps do not return to rebuild a cathedral size home in all that ceiling.
    Bulb looks like a hyacinth to me but the time of year is wrong, so maybe it is a summer bulb. The daffs are just shooting in The Western District. I have a swathe of them in my new paddock despite the bulldozer activity when the water tank went in.
    That beam – at this point maybe just a reinforcing addition perhaps? Good luck.

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