Stage 2, Day 9

IMG_1559The back step is taking shape.

IMG_1560Work continues on the coal store. I didn’t want to risk stepping on the new brickwork so I took this picture through the window. Sorry I didn’t even bother to open the window – it needs a bit of a clean.

210515 scott utilityHere is the design for the utility room, including that belfast sink. Perfect for bathing a small dog…


6 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 9

  1. all very lovely and the furmily are asking you if there is head-room please ? on those cupboards above the Belfast sink because they will try to jump up there …

    • It will be the same height cupboards as the kitchen, and they have never tried to get up there. Rose and Oliver are neither adventurous nor athletic enough, while Ruby probably knows there’s nothing fun to do up there. We will see though!

  2. In this country, saying based in Hampshire is like a Melburnian saying someone is just based in northen New South Wales – you don’t just pop around there. It would take almost as long to drive there too. But anyway, we’re not quite ready for Chester the future Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just yet…

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