Stage 2, Day 10

IMG_1588We have half a wall and a partial window opening!

IMG_1572The time capsule went into the wall cavity.


IMG_1592The back step – the pavers are just sitting on the brickwork at the moment to get an idea of how they will look.

IMG_1573The roofers came a day early – I guess there’s nothing as motivating as a bank holiday weekend. It saves us having them here on a Saturday too. The before shot.

IMG_1574And after. The new Velux skylight window in the utility room.

IMG_1582It lets in a lot of light and is great for ventilation too as it swings open on a central pivot.


IMG_1594How it looks from the garden. A window on that back wall would have taken away valuable space for cupboards in the utility room, and if we put a window on the wall around the corner to the right it would have overlooked the neighbour’s garden a bit too intrusively.

IMG_1580The view into the future WC.

IMG_1576Preparations have been made for the damp proofing injections in the lounge and at the front of the house. It was a shame that this surfaced now after we had already decorated but on the bright side we hadn’t laid any carpet. I am now thinking of taking the walls a shade lighter when we have this repair redecorated…but it may be that it will look different when we finally get floor coverings in there. I shouldn’t second guess myself prematurely.




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