Guest Bedroom Wallpaper


Just over a year ago I discovered an old wallpaper behind the cast iron radiator in the entrance hall.


It had to date to the 1920s or 1930s as I estimate the radiator was installed by Martha Baxter when she modernised in 1935. The colours were pale grey and yellow, which may have originally been blue and green.IMG_2285

It featured birds in cages and in woodland.

088523fullAs a nod to the history of the house I have chosen this birdcage wallpaper for the guest bedroom. It was 20% off in the Bank Holiday sale. I like the way that it has the same line-drawn quality, similar colours, and even the curling tendrils in the background echo the flourishes in the original paper.

IMG_1628Over the last few days I have been clearing out a lot of junk from the future guest room, which was originally the servant’s quarters. Most of the issues in this room are purely cosmetic but we are getting a new window installed. Then it will just be a matter of decorating. Frogdancer will be coming to the UK in 5 and a half weeks, so that’s my deadline for getting it finished.


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