Stage 2, Day 13

IMG_1692The new routines are setting in; the entire trio now get wound up around 8am. IMG_1696The reality of building work has also hit as boundaries between ‘home’ and ‘building site’ become blurred once more. Building materials have inevitably made their way into living spaces. IMG_1710Ruby doesn’t mind though as it gives her a platform to access to never-before-seen locations. IMG_1708P the plumber had to do a lot of brick grinding as he first-fixed the plumbing and heating in the coal store conversion. As a consequence, every surface in the kitchen and breakfast room was coated in a dark grey grit after clouds of dust billowed out of the back door. IMG_1701It’s very nice work though. Pipes for the washing machine and sink. IMG_1703Heating and pipework in the toilet. IMG_1704Connections through to the existing services. The heating has also been drained and the boiler turned off, so we are hoping for warm weather over the next couple of weeks. IMG_1695 The wall crept further up; the conversion is now fully enclosed.


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